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Covid 19 - Our Response

Our team at Ashtonleigh have been working tirelessly to reduce the impact of coronavirus within our home.
We continue to work hard to minimise the risk of coronavirus outbreak in the home by ensuring we follow the guidance from Government and Public Health England to help control the virus and prevent the spread of infection.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during what has been a difficult period of time in unprecedented circumstances. We thank the staff for their hard work, determination and continued support.

Visiting Ashtonleigh

Visiting can take place in several ways and the home make sure that covid safe visiting is in place. All visits need to be pre-booked in advance with reception. You can visit your loved ones at Ashtonleigh in these ways:

Virtual visiting

Virtual visiting is available and has always been an option however this has rarely been used up until the pandemic. This can be arranged using various platforms: Skype, Zoom, whatsapp video calls etc

Window visiting

Window visiting has been proving to be a popular option. For those that live on the ground floor window visits can be made quite easily but for those who are in rooms upstairs we are happy to assist them to our front dining room where you can visit through the front windows. Window visits need to be pre booked so that we do not have too many people visiting at the same time and social distancing rules can be observed.

Garden visits in spring/summer

We are happy to facilitate visits in to our garden however there will be strict PPE and social distancing measures in place. Garden visits can only take place when the weather is warm and dry.

If you wish to visit in the garden this needs to be pre-booked in advance. We will be limiting visits to 30 minutes to begin with so that everyone has the opportunity to come and visit and this will also reduce the risk of needing a toilet break as you will not be able to access the home to use the facilities.

Side door visits in autumn/winter

The home has a designated area at the side of the home for winter/wet weather visiting. This is located half way down the care park side of the building and is an area where shelter is provided. This visiting area will be through a door, the visitor will sit on the outside of the building and the resident will sit inside. There is a telephone intercom system in which you can talk through. There is also an outside heater installed so in very cold weather this can be used to provide some warmth and it is under cover to provide shelter from wet weather.

Visits inside the home

Our residents can have visits inside the care home from their loved ones. This is supported by lateral flow testing and strict PPE wearing to minimise the risk of transmission. At present we can only have a maximum of 2 visitors at one time and visits will take place in the residents bedroom. Testing will be conducted on site and will be factored in to your visiting time.

At Ashtonleigh we are committed to ensuring the safety of our residents, relatives and staff and at any time our circumstances change we will restrict visiting without delay. If this occurs, any prearranged visits will be cancelled and you will be notified.


All of our staff are PCR tested weekly and LFT tested twice a week.

All residents are tested every 28 days.

New Admissions

Any new admissions from hospital will require a negative coronavirus test before coming to stay at the home and there will be a 14-day quarantine period to ensure the safety of our residents currently living in the home. A test will also be arranged by us after admission.

For any new admissions coming from their home or another care home will be required to have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to admission, a PCR test conducted on the day they arrive and then a PCR 7 days later. As long as this takes place then there will be no need to quarantine.