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So what do some of the residents at Ashtonleigh think about the home?

  • I like doing puzzles with my friend when she visits.  The carers are excellent, they do a lot of things for me.  I’m having cooked meals now and at home I wouldn’t only on a Sunday.  The food is amazing.

    Dennis Aldridge – Resident
  • I love it all, no other comment I just love it all. 

    Susan Thornton - Resident

  • People are always so friendly there is always a smile on their faces which makes life worth living.

    Iris Barratt – Resident
  • I like the girls that look after me, I was alone in my own house so it is nice to be here with other people. The food is very good, in the war we had to queue up but now we can have as much as we want.

    Audrey Harverson - Resident
  • I like living here it is so friendly, I never have to ask for anything they always give me what I need. I like the food especially puddings I always have seconds.

    Betty Gale – Resident
  • I can’t fault the home at all, they are all friendly and the house is always very clean. It is like coming in to a nice home the staff are lovely.

    Sue Rosser – Relative
  • We found our mum contented and happy at Ashtonleigh, the facilities are first rate and we have found the staff committed and highly professional. We are very pleased with our decision for her to come to Ashtonleigh.

    Keith Charman – Relative
  • The staff are very friendly. There is a nice atmosphere in the home

    Anonymous professional
  • I started working here a few months ago, its great to be part of such a hard working team and to be supported with any concerns that I have. It feels more like a family than it does a work place.

    Shae Geddes – Carer
  • I only planned on being here for 6 months, and 4 years later I still love it here! The team are like a big dysfunctional family and the residents we support make it feel like a second home and family.

    Caroline Hillier – Deputy Manager
  • In the past two years, I have worked at Ashtonleigh the team I have worked with have become like a family to me. They have helped me to improve how I work and my confidence. While working as a great team that makes every day run smoothly. I have loved to work with such a variety of lovely resi-dents who have brighten up every day I have worked here. This place feels more like my home than a place I go to work.

    James Rackett - Carer
  • The staff are very obliging

    Susan Thornton - Resident
  • The food was very good and I was happy that the kitchen added the foods I had requested

    Barbara Wakefield - Resident
  • I feel the cleanliness could not be improved on.

    Dennis Aldridge - Resident
  • I was very happy with the food

    Paul Dumbrill - Resident
  • The domestic staff were very respectful of the residents

    Yvonne Davies - Staff
  • The facility is clean, staff are most helpful, food is very good

    Ivy Bryant
  • It is a very happy place

    John Coombe
  • I am happy and well looked after. Food is very good. The activities are the best part of the day

    Anne Sheppard
  • It is very livable and you can make yourself at home. It is happy and comfortable

  • I feel at home as we get freedom of speech to say what we feel

    Jean Myson



RC Brochure

RC Brochure

Care Quality


Beautiful homely environment situtated close to Horsham town centre

11 New middle floor bedrooms with en suites available from January 2017

Ensuring each resident gets individual attention by a highly qualified staff team led by an RMN

Lovely rear dementia garden, patio and large conservatory

Carefully prepared menus by Dot, who adds the personal touch

CQC inspection in May 2015 – Good rating